Middle East Irony

2006.01.26 Why Hamas Win is Good for Israel — It should now be starkly clear why Fatah did its best to circumvent elections (and blame it on Israel): Hamas. No one with any sense can be even mildly surprised by the outcome. The Arabs only choice was between eternal impoverishment under a hopelessly corrupt and chaotic bunch of crony terrorists, on the one hand, or "throw the gangsters out" and vote in the non-corrupt terrorists. Is that hard to figure out? It isn't much of a stretch to assert that about the only votes Fatah received were from Fatah cronies on the take. The size of the vote for Fatah shows the depth of the graft and corruption that, until now, has impoverished and doomed Paliban society. There was never any doubt that, given the opportunity and lacking Arafat's cult-leader hypnosis, they'd "throw the gangsters out." The only question was the margin." (from Yirmeyahu Ben-David.) For more, go to the netzarim.co.il. (Note this newsy page changes quickly, so the link will probably only be good for a short time.)



A Report Card for George Bush

Because no president should be left behind: The coyotes hate the partisanship that sees George Bush as either a saint or a demon. Like all presidents, he has his good points and his bad, his successes and his failures. Nor are the coyotes too keen on those silly report cards that show up in sports pages, but they do demonstrate that the writers can think critically, something you can't say about most partisans. Anyway, herewith is George Bush's report card, right before his State of the Union, not intended to be taken too seriously.

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