United Emirates of America?

What Were They Thinking? The coyotes have bided their time and listened to various arguments about the wisdom of ceding East Coast Port logistics to a company owned by the United Arab Emirates. Some respectable people involved in security issues do not seem especially concerned about the matter--after all, the UAE is an important ally with a U.S. port in their homeland. However, the coyotes remain unconvinced about the wisdom of turning these important operations over to a foreign country. It's one thing to have a company based in another country controlling these logistics (the situation before), another thing to turn control over to a company owned by another country, even an ally. Would the U.S. have turned port logistics over to a company owned by the U.N. (hah), or Canada, or the UK, or Israel. We don't think so. Bad idea. Wile E.


We're Not Ones To Shoot from the Hip ...

... We'll Leave That To the Vice-President: The quail hunt gone bad was good for plenty of late-night humor but not much else. The coyotes were not impressed either with the press corps behavior or with Cheney partisans complaining about such. Truth is, the press corps would have acted similarly if Vice-President Gore had been the shooter, even if he had responded differently (which the former journalist surely would have), and late-night comics would have had the same field day. That's just the nature of those beasts. The only thing of real interest to emerge was Cheney's unwillingness to notify his boss immediately, his refusal to apologize for that particular behavior, and his boss's seeming indifference. Curious. Wile E.

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