Laughingstock Capital: Move Over California!

Nuts on the Left; Crazies on the Right: We sent the following to the Colorado Springs Gazette: "Thanks to Ward Churchhill and his supporters on the left and the El Paso County (Colorado) Commissioners and their supporters on the right, Colorado is beginning to replace California as the political laughingstock of the country. Just because people like Ward Churchhill have a first amendment right to trivialize the Holocaust and insult the victims of terror does not mean that UC officials should hire them as professors, give them tenure, promote them to department chairs, and go out of their way to make speaking space available to them. Just because people have a second amendment right to keep and bear arms does not mean El Paso County Commissioners should go out of their way to invite citizens to bring their sidearms, longarms, and RPGs into county buildings. Granted that the open carrying of weapons can make people feel more secure under some conditions—as it does in Israel. However, this practice can also make people feel intimidated and afraid. Frankly, if I saw a non-uniformed citizen carrying a firearm of any kind into the Assessor’s office, my first assumption would be that this person has an agenda and no more common sense than (Commissioners) Sally Clark, Dennis Hisey, or Douglas Bruce—and believe me, that’s pretty terrifying." --Wile E.

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