Salazar vs. Dobson

Silly Wars: The political arm of Focus on the Family decided to throw a few punches at Senator Ken Salazar (D-Colorado), ostensibly because he backtracked on a campaign pledge to support an up-or-down vote for federal judicial nominees. Okay, they have a point. Salazar was elected in spite of a Bush victory in the state because he presented himself as a centrist, a Democrat likely to work at least occasionally with the Republican majority. His pledge to support an up-or-down vote on judicial nominees was part of his reasonable image. Now he looks like he made the pledge just to get elected. So he's getting what he deserves. On the other hand, Focus ain't all that pious. They're parrotting partisan Republican rhetoric about the "unconstitutionality" of the Democratic use of the filibuster technique (a legally silly argument) and the unfairness of it all, convenienty forgetting Republican obstructionism against Clinton judicial nominees. Salazar, royally ticked off because a rude crowd (which Focus denies organizing) picketed a business owned by his wife, called Focus on the Family's head cheese, James Dobson, the "anti-Christ." Okay, folks, here's the thing. James Dobson is not the anti-Christ, a term we can live without. And Ken Salazar is not nearly as nutty as he sounded today.

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