Hey, Ump, Hit It Out of the Park!

So Much for Principle: The new Supreme Court Chief Justice got it right when he said that judges are "umpires," not "players." This is the supposed conservative line, but the coyotes are suspicious. Certainly, some conservatives are sincere and consistent when they say courts should not usurp the role of the legislative or executive branches of government. George Bush may well be among them. And their critique of the Democrats--that, having failed to convince the people of the rightness of their convictions, the Democrats have been relying on the courts to move their agenda forward--is well taken. However, the coyotes are certain that for many, the position is one of convenience, thanks to Republicans controlling Congress and the Presidency. Indeed, if you listen closely, you can tell that many conservatives are mainly interested in overturning Roe v. Wade and they don't mean turning abortion law back to the states. They mean prohibiting it, no matter what any legislature might say. Just like the Democrats, they would really like an activist court--only their way. Wile E.

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