Dems Need a Program

And Coyotes Are Here to Help: The coyotes are much in favor of the two-party system. It's the American Way. Now that the Republicans are on the ropes, you would think the Dems would be gaining favor. You would think wrong. Voters remain disgusted with the Democrats, and rightly so. The Dems seem to stand for nothing more than abortion rights and for whatever President Bush is against (or against whatever he is for). Rumor has it that Democratic think tanks are working on program that the leadership will spring on the public shortly before the 2006 Congressional Elections. In this, they seem to be borrowing a strategy from the Republicans of 1994 who took over the House by playing negative until springing the Contract With America shortly before the 1994 elections. Bad idea. The Dems are out of practice. They need to start showing some leadership now--so they can get the bugs out by election time. The coyotes will help by offering some ideas for a Democratic political program that makes sense. (The Republicans don't need as much help. Even though they are bumbling in their execution, they at least seem to have some sense of what they stand for.) Stay tuned. Wile E.

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