Hillary Will Never Be President.

She's No Bill: The coyotes, at least some of them, like the Junior Senator from New York. In fact, they think she's an honorary coyote, willing to wiggle and wag and do what it takes to make something happen. By all accounts, she's a good Senator. Conservatives are hyping her as the front-runner for the Democratic nomination because they would dearly love to run against her. She may indeed win the nomination, but Republicans know she is unlikely to win the general election. Why? She's divisive, through little fault of her own. She inherits the Right's visceral dislike of her husband and is on the receiving end of the Right's payback for the Left's personal animosity to George Bush. No matter what she says, Conservatives/Republicans assume she is lying just as surely as Willy is slick. They will poison the independents against her. She would have a chance against a very right-wing Republican who can be credibly positioned by the Democrats as even more divisive than she is. And her chances would improve again if a strong third-party conservative siphons votes away from the Republican candidate. However, the Republicans have a number of candidates who can position themselves as less partisan and more centrist than she is: namely, John McCain, Mit Romney, Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, and Rudy Giuliani. If one of those gets nominated, watch out. The country is hungry for a credible non-partisan leader. We're betting on Mit Romney, who is a capable conservative executive able to work with liberals. Two more points: Hillary's chances diminish if the Democrats win back either the House or the Senate. And the first female president of the U.S. will almost surely be a center-right Republican. That's because such a candidate will get a good share of the non-Republican women's vote as well as the usual Republican vote. Wile E..

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