High Gas Prices Bring Out the Morons.

Savings for the Math-Challenged: High gas prices invariably manage to bring out the worst in Americans. Instead of changing their behavior in significant ways, like driving less or taking the bus or making plans to buy a more fuel efficient car, Americans whine. Worse, they engage in truly moronic behavior, like driving across town to save two cents per gallon. The other day, we noted on the news that a couple of gas stations Back East dropped their gas prices some fifty cents for promotional reasons. Of course, this created a traffic jam as people lined up, waiting as long as seven hours to fill up their tanks. Let's see, if you saved fifty cents a gallon on a fifteen-gallon fillup, that would be a savings of $7.50. So that means these people think their time is worth is a little more than $1.00 an hour? Wile E.

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