Stop "The War on Terrorism ... "

... And Fight the Real Enemy: Since 9/11, we have supposedly been fighting a "war on terrorism." As has been pointed out by other commentators, "terrorism" is a technique used by a variety of groups, some of whom aren't a particular threat to us (Basque partisans, whether they use terrorism or not, are not particularly a threat to Americans). Our enemy, correctly defined, is something like "genocidal Islamists." Radio talk show host Michael Medved names the enemy as "Islamic Nazis," a term I don't especially like because it invites discussion that isn't especially helpful. However, I think it is useful to name the enemy as a group of people with a specific goal and a set of behaviors. Suffice it to say that our enemy consists of certain people who behave with the clear intent to exterminate certain classes of people, namely Jews (or Israelis), Americans, and infidels. Our enemy is not a religion, though the enemy subscribes to certain religious views. The fact that this enemy is determined to kill us makes it one worth fighting. Defined this way, the face of the enemy becomes rather specific. From the top, it consists first of those states who have a stated purpose of exterminating Jews and Americans and infidels (Iran), quasi-states and militias with the stated purpose of exterminating Jews and Americans (Hamas, Hezbollah, Iraqi "insurgents"), clerics and other leaders fomenting followers to these purposes (Al Qaeda leadership, many Wahabi clerics, many Pakistani madrasas), financial supporters of any of these groups, and soldiers doing the dirty work (active and sleeper cells). If we name the enemy correctly, it will be easier to go on the offensive. Wile E.

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