UN Cease-Fire Must Be a Joke.

Ugh: At first blush, the U.N. approved cease fire in Lebanon appears to be an ugly joke. Here's the plan: The UN will deploy 15,000 blue helmets with a "robust mandate" to watch the Lebanese army play footsie with Hezbollah while it redeploys its forces and rockets in Southern Lebanon. Okay, they said it another way. The blue helmets will support the Lebanese army in the region as Israel withdraws. Apparently, that was the fish thrown to Israel. Their withdrawal timeline is inderminate. But geez. With the Lebanese army is in the back pocket of Hezbollah and the blue helmets supposed to "support" the Lebanese army, that means the UN will be effectively supporting Hezbollah. They certainly won't be shooting at them. They don't have a mandate to shoot at anything. I suppose we should be grateful they weren't assigned specifically to shoot at Israel. Of course, nothing says they can't haul Hezbollah rockets into position. The real laugher is that the U.S. sold out Israel and Ehud Olmert is going along with it.Wile E.

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