Focus on the Good News.

Update: The news media, on the whole, rides the wave of momentum. In an economic slowdown, their reporting is unremittingly negative. To compensate, we'll identify some of the good news.

Interesting how the media doesn't mention that there are now 2 million new jobs.

All we hear about is the Jobs lost.
Sorry but it is still negative big time. I read the unemployment was at 9.7%. If you lose over 4 million and gain back only 2 million, guess what the math is negative. When you "create" 4 million and only lose 4 million you stay stagnant. The economic stimulus appears to be the status quo for Democrats who simply want citizens of the US to be indebted to them so they can expect their votes. It is the same way here in Yisrael for the large voting segment of the religious who rely on government funding. If there is mostly bad news then do something to change the bad but I wouldn't advocate telling the king his clothes are invisible.
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